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Friday,  11 April 2008,  14:16 GMT
FXCM news by Jaclyn Sales, Public Relations Coordinator
FXCM Launched Two New Forex Managed Account Programs With a $1,000 Minimum Deposit

FXCM ( ), one of the largest Forex Dealer Members, recently introduced two new managed programs: the Short-Term Opportunity Program and the Short-Term Opportunity Aggressive Program. Both Short-Term Opportunity Programs utilize 4 different trading approaches: Short-Term range trading Short-Term breakout opportunities Long-Term trends Long-Term carry trading The majority of the trades generated by these programs have short-term time horizons, while longer-term systems are used to stabilize the short-term volatility. The aggressive program applies the same trading model as the Short-Term Opportunity Program, but with higher leverage.

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Monday,  07 April 2008,  17:27 GMT
FXCM news by Jaclyn Sales, Public Relations Coordinator Provides Economic Countdown (    has introduced a countdown to economic data on the home page and the DailyFX Economic Calendar.   Trading the news is extremely popular in the currency markets. Knowing exactly when news will be released is essential for all FX traders, as you can profit during a news event if on the correct side of a trade. Don’t be surprised by a major economic news event because you can also lose if you’re not ready. Watch the clock tick down to enter the market and actively trade in fast-moving market conditions.   When the countdown reaches zero the economic announcement will be published on DailyFX.

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Tuesday,  11 March 2008,  20:28 GMT
FXCM news by Jaclyn Sales, Public Relations Coordinator Forex Charting Center: Feature Timely Elliott Wave Charting Analysis ( encourages visitors to check out the new daily charting analysis in the Forex Charting Center on the homepage of

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Tuesday,  22 January 2008,  20:00 GMT
FXCM news by Jaclyn Sales, Public Relations Coordinator
FXCM 2008: Even Lower Spreads

FXCM’s ( No Dealing Desk trading platform recently added an additional bank as a price provider, bringing the total to seven global banks that compete to provide pricing for FXCM's Trading Station. Over the last three months, typical spreads have already tightened. Watch closely for lower spreads in the following currency pairs:

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Thursday,  13 December 2007,  13:27 GMT
FXCM news by Jaclyn Sales, Public Relations Coordinator
Trade From Charts: FXCM New and Improved Charting Features

Trade From Charts: New and Improved FXCM Charting Features   New York, December 13, 2007   FXCM ( announced today that you can now trade from Marketscope Charts, one of the free FXCM charting packages.   After reviewing client feedback, FXCM has incorporated many of the requests suggested and have revamped the Marketscope charting package, which is integrated into the FXCM trading platform. These new changes will eliminate the need to toggle between the charts and the rest of the trading station in order to make orders or place trades.   Major Change, Trading from Charts: Place orders and manage positions directly from the chart Open New Positions and Close Existing Positions Set and Manage Stop-loss and Limit Orders Create and Remove Entry Orders See all open positions and waiting orders reflected on your charts   New Look and Feel, Fully Customizable: Create a layout that best meets your trading style User friendly and easy to navigate Improved Trendline drawing tool   To try the new and improved FXCM charting features traders can open a free $50,000 FXCM demo account .

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Tuesday,  11 December 2007,  17:26 GMT
FXCM news by Jaclyn Sales, Public Relations Coordinator
FXCM Holiday Hours

New York, December 11, 2007   FXCM Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season!   Please note our special holiday hours:     Christmas: Monday,          Dec. 24 -         Open (Close at 12 P.M. EST) Tuesday,          Dec. 25 -         Closed   Wednesday,    Dec. 26 -         Closed   Thursday,        Dec. 27 -         Open at 2:00 A.

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Wednesday,  14 November 2007,  17:27 GMT
FXCM news by Jaclyn Sales, Public Relations Coordinator
FXCM Breaks 100,000 Accounts

FXCM ( announced that earlier this year, FXCM reached over 100,000 live accounts trading on FXCM’s trading platforms.

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